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Fall in Halifax: 7 Things To Do This Autumn in Nova Scotia

With fewer crowds and picturesque vistas, fall in Halifax is the best time of year to explore the city’s many attractions while immersing in the breathtaking natural landscapes of Nova Scotia’s countryside. From admiring the changing crimson colours of eastern Canada to taking advantage of the region’s off season, discover all of the city’s seasonal adventures with this list of things to do in Halifax this fall.

1. Enjoy The Beautiful Fall Colours at Point Pleasant Park

Promising 75-hectares of pristine wooded area, Point Pleasant Park is one of the best places in Halifax for enjoying the changing fall colours. Located at the southern tip of the Halifax Peninsula, the park provides a natural escape just a short drive from the downtown area and features 39 kilometers of interweaving hiking trails perfect for getting lost in the colorful foliage.

While Point Pleasant Park is the most convenient area to do some fall hiking, visitors looking for a more comprehensive variety of trail systems can also plan a trip over to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park along Nova Scotia’s east coast.

Dog walkers at point pleasant park in fall

2. Take a Road Trip to Annapolis Valley

Annapolis Valley is another great place to immerse in the colorful leaves of Nova Scotia’s fall foliage and natural landscapes. Starting from Halifax, the scenic drive leads seasonal adventurers north of the city to Wolfsville before following the coast west to Annapolis Royal. Along the way you will enjoy some of the province’s most spectacular fall views as you pass through small sleepy towns, agricultural landscapes, and sweeping vineyards.

The drive itself takes about five hours to complete. However, with plenty of breathtaking vistas, you should plan on making several stops along the way.

3. Enjoy Live Music Along The Halifax Harbour

With the tourist season beginning to wind down, the fall season is the best time for experiencing the authentic maritime culture of Halifax’s iconic waterfront. While summer patios may be closed, the waterfront’s vibrant restaurants and pubs remain open throughout the fall, and promise lively entertainment and fantastic social scenes.

A staple of the Halifax Harbourfront, The Lower Deck promises live music 7 days a week and features some of the best musical talents the city has to offer. With fish and chips, cold beer, and upbeat vibes, a night enjoying the sounds of The Lower Deck is a great way to spend a fall evening in Halifax.

The Nocturne Festival during fall in halifax

4. Immerse In Halifax’s Halloween Spirit

Throughout the month of October, Halifax comes alive with the Halloween spirit, with several haunted houses and exciting attractions popping up to accompany the spooky season. Throughout the month, the city offers several haunted houses and ghost tours throughout its historic downtown area. However, for even more thrills, visitors should plan to venture to the Nova Scotian countryside to enjoy a variety of spooky attractions at Noggins Corner, which features a haunted mansion, wagon rides, and a pumpkin patch.

5. Attend a Fall Festival or Convention

The fall season plays host to many of Halifax’s top events and festivals, and it is definitely worth a visit to the city to partake in one or more of the fantastic affairs. Some of the season’s best offerings are the Halifax Urban Folk Festival, also known as HUFF and held at the end of September, and Nocturne Halifax, an outdoor visual art festival that illuminates the evenings mid-october.

Other great Halifax festivals running this fall include the Hal-Con Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention, the Halifax Oyster Festival, and the Nova Scotia Forest Festival.

Little girl at Halifax Public Gardens

6. Enjoy a Picnic at an Urban Park

A picnic at an urban park is a great way for visitors not keen on hiking to embrace the changing autumn colours of the fall season. Luckily, Halifax is home to several beautiful public parks that provide the natural feel of Nova Scotia’s wooded areas while being within walking distance of the city’s accommodations. Located right next to Citadel Hill, the Halifax Public Gardens and Victoria Park are great spots for a fall picnic. Meanwhile Shubie Park is slightly further from downtown, but offers plenty of natural fall scenery just north of Dartmouth.

7. Take Advantage of Halifax’s Low Season Crowds

One of the biggest advantages of visiting Halifax in the fall is that many of the region’s top attractions are free of the heavy crowding that can occur throughout the summer months. From late September onward, the streets of Halifax host far fewer tourists than peak season, making the fall a great time to visit the city’s most popular landmarks, including the Halifax Citadel, the Canadian Museum of Immigration, and more.

Where To Stay In Halifax in the Fall

Looking for a great accommodation for exploring all the fun and exciting things to do in Halifax this fall? Book with us at Cameo Suites. Not only are we available to point you in the direction of all of the top sites, but our central location in the heart of downtown Halifax’s entertainment district means we are just a short walk from all of the city’s best landmarks and parks while also serving as a comfortable base for further afield adventures and road trips.

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Hal-Con 2023: A Guide to Halifax’s Sci-Fi and Gaming Convention

Step into the captivating realms of science fiction and fantasy at Hal Con Halifax, the premier sci-fi and fantasy convention in Atlantic Canada and the largest gathering of its kind east of Montreal. Immerse yourself in a weekend tailored for enthusiasts from around the world as Hal Con beckons you to delve into diverse themes of the genre through an array of exciting activities.

Whether you’re a seasoned convention-goer or a newcomer, this guide equips you with everything you need to fully embrace the enchantment and wonder that Hal Con 2023 has in store.

What is Hal Con?

The Hal Con Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Comic Convention, known simply as Hal Con for short, is Atlantic Canada’s largest sci-fi and gaming convention, bringing a variety of celebrity guests, cosplayers and vendors to Halifax, Nova Scotia each year.

Initially started in the late 1970s, Hal Con was a popular convention throughout most of the 80s. However, after ten years of attracting comic book enthusiasts and lovers of the sci-fi and fantasy genres, the conventions ceased their annual celebrations following the 1987 event.

Two Decades later, a group of individuals within the Halifax regional municipality breathed new life into the convention, with 2010 representing the official return of Hal-Con.  Over the past decade, the new Hal Con Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Comic Convention has come to be known as the geekiest sci-fi convention in Atlantic Canada, attracting cosplayers and fans of the celebrated genres from all over the world.

Events and Things to Do at Hal Con 2023

From meeting celebrity guests to partaking in a series of workshops, gaming centres and costume contests, Hal Con promises a full weekend packed with fun and exciting things to do. These are just some of the top activities guests can expect from Halifax’s biggest sci-fi and fantasy convention.

Collection of comic books

1. Panels & Q&A Sessions

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes to produce the magic content within your favourite sci-fi TV shows, movies, or comic books? Well, at Hal Con, you can find out with several celebrity panels and Q&A Sessions with professionals within the field.

From actors to writers and artists, some of the biggest names featured at the 2023 event include Timothy Zahn, a published writer known for his Star Wars novels, Oded Fehr, known for his role as Ardeth Bay in The Mummy and The Mummy Returns, and the famous Arthur C Clark Award Winner, Adrian Tchaikovsky.

Along with attending discussion panels, visitors can get up close and personal with their favourite guests at the autograph and photo booths located throughout the venue.

2. Cosplay & Costume Contests

What would a sci-fi and fantasy convention be without some incredible cosplay of all of your favourite characters from throughout the genres? While not mandatory, Hal Con encourages guests to dress up as their favourite heroes, villains, or any other character and even awards the best costumes with prizes in several categories, including the best video game characters, best group costumes, and best look-alike.

While the convention runner encourages guests to be as creative as they can, Hal Con is a family event and maintains an appropriate clothing policy. This means your costumes cannot include nudity, promote offensive ideologies, or pose a risk to others’ safety.

3. Workshops and Demonstrations

Guests can receive a hands-on look at the production of various pieces of sci-fi and fantasy content with several workshops and demonstrations put on throughout the Hal Con weekend. These can include anything from the best comic book-making practices to cosplaying tips and tricks and even often include demonstrations of swordplay.

4. Vendor Marketplaces

Guests can find a wide variety of sci-fi and fantasy paraphernalia scattered throughout Hal Con’s vendor marketplace located within the ballroom floor level off the Halifax Convention Center. Here, visitors will find plenty of vendors selling all the souvenirs they can hope for, including comic books, model collections and replicas, posters, board games, and other forms of art and souvenirs.

5. Gaming Centres

With a floor dedicated to gaming, Hal Con is home to the largest gaming convention east of Montreal. It promises over 100 tables scattered across 15,000 square feet and offers everything from miniature war games to classic board games and collectible card games.

Along with its tabletop gaming, Hal Con also features a diverse catalogue of video games and offers a deep library of games on new-generation consoles along with classical arcade-style machines.

The Halifax Convention Center

When is Hal Con 2023?

Hal Con is traditionally held each fall. This year, the Hal Con Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Comic convention is scheduled for October 27 – 29, 2023.

Where is Hal Con 2023 Held?

Hal Con 2023 is being held at the Halifax Convention Centre, where it has been hosted since the venue’s construction in 2017. 

Address: 1650 Argyle St, Halifax

How to Get Your Hal Con Tickets

Weekend passes to Hal Con 2023 start at $120.00 per ticket. Single-day passes are also available at varying prices, starting at $40.00 for Friday access. You can purchase your tickets here.

The Best Hotel in Halifax for Attending the Hal Con 2023

Located just a 3-minute walk from the venue, Cameo Suites offers comfortable and affordable accommodation near the Hal Con. With a selection of studio and multi-bedroom suites, we are a fantastic base for immersing in the sci-fi and fantasy atmosphere of the convention, whether you are visiting by yourself or with a group.

Be sure to book your room in advance, as units tend to fill up fast as we approach the event’s dates.

colourful residential homes in Halifax

Halifax Airbnb Regulations and Alternative Short-Term Rentals

While once a popular accommodation option in the city, Airbnb and short-term rentals are not as widely available in Halifax as they once were, and many visitors to the city may find their favourite stays no longer listed for rent. Following a public hearing in February, which saw the Halifax Regional Municipality pass new regulations governing short-term rentals in the city’s residential zones, the city has experienced a massive reduction in Airbnbs and entire-home rentals in the city.

With the new rules and regulations beginning to take effect, this is everything you need to know about the new Halifax Airbnb regulations and where to find the best short-term rental alternatives.

The New Halifax Airbnb Rules

Not all Airbnb listings and short-term rentals in Halifax are affected by the new regulations. According to this staff report, the following are the new short-term rental rules governing a property’s eligibility in the city, with a short-term rental property being defined as a rental period of 28 days or less.

  1. Short-term rentals in Halifax’s residential zones must be the host’s primary residence.
  2. Short-term rentals are still permitted in commercial or mixed-use zones where tourism accommodations are already present.
  3. Short-term bedroom rentals are also permitted in residential zones as long as the property is the Airbnb owner’s primary residence.
  4. Parking, bedroom limits, and maximum signage of short-term bedroom rentals must adhere to current requirements for all bed and breakfasts.

Ultimately, Halifax’s new regulations limit entire home rentals in the city’s residential areas and limit current multiple short-term rental property owners to just a single property in these zones. Of course, short-term rentals in commercial and mixed-use zones are entirely unaffected by the new rules.

Downtown Dartmouth

Why is Halifax Banning Airbnb and Short-Term Rentals?

Short-term rentals haven’t been entirely banned in Halifax. However, new regulations have been approved by the city council to limit the number of these Airbnb-style stays in residential zones throughout the city. The controversial decision to enact these new regulations comes as the city attempts to address the regional housing crisis.

With stricter bans in place, the city is attempting to encourage landlords to revert their business models to long-term rentals while limiting the number of ghost hotels in the city, which see landlords from outside the region purchasing property to profit off the local tourism industry. In the process, these previously short-term rental properties should be opened up to become more long-term housing options available to address Halifax’s own housing situation.

Of course, this has drawbacks for many people, including property owners making a living through their Airbnb and short-term rental businesses. In fact, of the 2,000 short-term rental properties in Halifax, about 1,300 of them are going to find themselves disqualified under the new regulations.

When Does the New Halifax Airbnb Ban Come Into Effect?

While the Halifax Regional Municipality passed the new Halifax short-term rental regulations in February 2023, the city gave property owners time to alter their business models.

Halifax Airbnb and short-term rentals must follow the new regulations as of September 1, 2023

It is also worth noting that all short-term rentals in Nova Scotia must register with their municipality to receive a registration number, according to a new regulation passed by the provincial government.

Man sitting at Citadel Hill

Who Does the New Halifax Short-Term Rental Regulations Affect?

Along with interfering with many businesses, Halifax’s new short-term rental regulations also affect many tourists and renters looking for short-term stays.

Property Owners

The property owners are the most obvious group affected by the new Airbnb regulations in Halifax. While the regulations should prove effective in limiting ghost hotels and out-of-province landlords, the new short-term rental rules also affect many local businesses and families that rely on their short-term rentals for extra income.

With a blossoming tourism industry, many Halifax locals have created pop-up hotel and property management businesses in recent years, many of which focus on the city’s residential areas. Additionally, the new rules further limit these business opportunities, as an Airbnb host can only offer bedroom rentals within their primary residence. 

The Airbnb communities in Dartmouth and peninsula Halifax will be particularly affected by these new rules, as they boast the greatest concentration of these short-term rental units.


Another group of people that these new short-term regulations affect are the renters of the property themselves. 

By permitting only bedroom rentals in residential homes, the city limits the number of full-home rentals available to visitors requiring more space, such as for families or those visiting for health reasons.

Of course, these groups of travellers still need a place to stay.

Why Cameo Suites is the Best Airbnb Halifax Downtown Alternative

Offering plenty of space, a sense of privacy and independence, and a convenient location in the heart of downtown, Cameo Suites is the best short-term rental alternative in Halifax, following the new Airbnb regulations.

With the now limited availability of entire-home rentals, our multi-bedroom suite options offer plenty of space for visiting families and groups, regardless of the purpose of the visit. 

Our 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom suite offers spacious open concepts for four and five guests, respectively, with fully equipped kitchens at affordable rates. Moreover, our hotel is surrounded by convenient services and amenities for comfortable accommodation whether you are visiting for a weekend or a few weeks.

Planning a family trip to the city? Or maybe you are visiting for medical reasons. Either way, check our availability to book the best short-term rentals in Halifax following the new Airbnb bans.

Family picnic on Citadel Hill

How to Book the Best Hotel Rates in Halifax

Boasting an iconic waterfront, over two and a half centuries of Maritime history, and some of the most vibrant festivals and events in Nova Scotia, Halifax is one of the best travel destinations in Atlantic Canada and is made even better with a great accommodation deal.

Whether visiting for the food, culture, or unique and vibrant experiences, this is your guide to booking the best hotel rates in Halifax to explore one of Canada’s most iconic destinations for a fraction of the cost.

Factors That Can Affect Hotel Rates in Halifax

To book hotels in Halifax at the best available rates, you must first understand the factors influencing accommodation costs.

1.   Seasonal Travel Periods

The first and most critical factor affecting hotel prices in Halifax is the season of your travel dates. Peak season in Halifax is from May to August, when many families take summer vacations. Thanks to the increased demand, hotel rates are often at their highest during this time.

Conversely, travelling during Halifax’s off-season is a fantastic way to experience the city and is the best time for receiving significant discounts on popular accommodation options.

2.   Event and Festival Weekends

As a cultural hub of Atlantic Canada, Halifax is famous for its world-renowned festivals. And like the city’s peak season, these celebratory events are often accompanied by an influx of tourists, significantly driving Halifax hotel prices to substantial rates.

The summer and fall months feature most of the city’s annual festivals, and these weekends should be avoided if you plan on snagging a Halifax hotel at an affordable rate.

3.   Variety of Onsite Amenities

The most obvious factor affecting hotel prices in Halifax is the availability of onsite amenities. There are many luxury hotels in the city boasting a myriad of luxury services ranging from an indoor pool to extensive spa services or a fitness centre.

Naturally, these extensive facilities are also accompanied by some of the highest nightly rates in Halifax. If you plan to visit Halifax at the best rates, you should instead look for accommodation that emphasizes the basics, focusing on providing top-of-the-line in-room comforts without the bells and whistles of an on-site restaurant or business center.

4.   Location

The final factor affecting hotel rates in Halifax is the location of the accommodation. It is typical for popular hotels near famous attractions to feature higher nightly rates, such as those near Citadel Hill.

Keep reading for some of the better locations for booking a cheap hotel in Halifax.

Happy tourists on a patio

Tips to Book Hotels in Halifax at the Best Rates

Now that we know what factors affect hotel prices in Halifax, here are a few tips to help you get your ideal hotel at the best available rate plan.

·      Book in Advance

The first step to booking cheap hotel rates in Halifax is to book your accommodation in advance. By doing so, you can get ahead of the market and lock in your accommodation rate before the tourist crowds drive up the prices.

·      Consider Traveling During the Off-Season

Another great way to get seriously impressive discounts for your stay in Halifax is to visit during the off-season. While the spring can often be a little damp in Nova Scotia, it is also when you can get the best prices for a hotel in the city.

While not quite as cheap, Halifax hotels also often offer discounted rates from November to January, which is typically considered a better time to explore the area.

·      Sign Up for Hotel Newsletters and Loyalty Programs

If you have some flexibility with your vacation time, signing up for a hotel’s newsletters or loyalty program can be a great way to save money on your stay in Halifax. Just be sure to grab the offers when they become available.

·      Book Directly with the Hotel

If you’ve tried the tips above on sites like or Expedia, but still aren’t seeing the prices you want, you can always try the hotel’s direct website. Some hotels charge a higher price for reservations made on third-party website to make up for the commissions that they pay to those websites.

Argyle Street, downtown Halifax

The Best Areas for Cheap Hotel Rates in Halifax

As promised, these are some of the top areas in Halifax for booking the best hotels at great rates.

1.   Downtown Halifax

The perfect place for booking some great hotels for a relatively low rate is in the heart of downtown Halifax. Along with boasting some of the city’s best prices, downtown also gives visitors convenient access to the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site and the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

2.   North End

The city’s North End is another great place to book an affordable hotel in Halifax. While near the downtown attractions, the area north of Halifax Common also boasts budget-friendly hotels and a wide selection of services.

3.   Dartmouth

Located just across from the downtown area, Dartmouth is one of the best places for affordable hotels in the city. However, they are slightly more removed from popular attractions.

Final Thoughts

Whether booking your business trips or a family holiday to Atlantic Canada, the best practices for getting the lowest hotel rates in Halifax are always going to be the same;

  • Book early
  • Avoid peak weekends
  • Monitor deals
  • Choose your location wisely

At Cameo Suites, we provide top-of-the-line accommodation at affordable rates by focusing on the most important thing; the comfort of your room. Check availability for your travel dates here to take advantage of our special rates.

Highlander drills at Halifax Citadel

Atlantic International Film Festival: Everything You Need to Know

As Canada’s largest film festival east of Montreal, the Atlantic International Film Festival is one of the most anticipated events in Atlantic Canada and attracts movie lovers and filmmakers from around the world to celebrate local and international talent.

Whether you are looking to submit your own film, partake in one of the event’s filmmakers’ panels or Q&As, or catch some of the best international films of the festival season, this is everything you need to know about the 2023 Atlantic International Film Festival.

What is the AIFF?

The Atlantic International Film Festival is an annual eight-day celebration of film that highlights both regional and international talents while providing an outlet for professionals and audiences to explore the art of storytelling through the genres of comedy, action, drama, and documentary.

Held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the AIFF is one of Canada’s premier celebrations of film and converts the city into a cultural hub of creativity and art each year. The cultural festival welcomes international visitors and submissions and has become a global haven for film lovers worldwide. 

While an international festival, the AIFF maintains its commitment and strong ties to promoting the Canadian film industry through film selections of local productions, specifically those made within the Atlantic region.

The History of the Atlantic International Film Festival

The 2023 season marks the Atlantic International Film Festival’s return to its iconic AIFF branding, having been known as the FIN Atlantic Film Festival since 2017. Despite this, the AIFF began 43 years ago as a small grassroots operation in St. John’s, Newfoundland, in 1981.

​The festival was moved to Halifax the following year, where it has since spent four decades promoting the unique filmmakers and thriving art community of Atlantic Canada, becoming one of Canada’s biggest film festivals in the process.

The AIFF’s new logo change is now set to return the festival’s focus to its established legacy with a new line-up of films and a broad range of cinematic initiatives to promote the talents of local and international filmmakers.

When is the Atlantic Film Festival 2023?

Downtown Halifax cityscape

The AIFF is traditionally held in Halifax every September. This year’s festival runs from September 14th – 21st, 2023. The festival’s box office opens about a month before the first weekend, on August 16th, 2023, at 3:00 p.m. Atlantic Time.

Check AIFF’s official website for the finalized program launch and ticket sales.

What Types of Films Does the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival Feature?

The AIFF screens films of various genres, formats, and themes and offers an immersive escape for all movie lovers. From short films to feature-length movies, the AIFF is Atlantic Canada’s curator of unforgettable stories from some of the film industry’s biggest players.

The Atlantic International Film Festival invites eligible submissions within three categories. These categories are classified as short or feature films and are divided according to whether the production is by an Atlantic, National (Canadian), or international filmmaker.

While the Atlantic International Film Festival screens films from around the world, it maintains its mission of promoting the local film industry by awarding prizes and special recognition to Atlantic Canadian filmmakers.

Selected by a committee of Atlantic Canada film professionals, the AIFF’s long list of coveted accolades includes The Gordon Parson’s Award for Best Atlantic Feature, The Michael Weir Award for Best Atlantic Screenwriter, and The Joan Orenstein Award & David Renton Award for Outstanding Performance in Acting.

What Other Special Events Does the AIFF Feature?

Halifax Convention Centre front door

As the champion of local filmmakers, the Atlantic International Film Festival offers several ways for aspiring talents to hone their crafts, including various workshops, filmmaker panels, and Q&As that are announced with the program.

The following are just some other ways the AIFF allows its audience to engage in the festival experience beyond its film screenings.

AIFF Filmmaker Lab

Presented by RBC Emerging Artists, the AIFF Filmmaker Lab is a special program that provides a select group of individuals access to exclusive events throughout the summer. These events include private workshops and a one-on-one meeting with the festival strategist to help create a special festival release for a short film.

The Filmmaker Lab’s keystone event is an exclusive networking reception where participants can meet and exchange ideas with industry professionals.

AIFF Online

Designed for those unable to attend the festival in person, AIFF Stream features a fresh collection of streams available to all Atlantic Canadians. With a focus on regional productions, the AIFF celebrates the Atlantic film industry by providing access to some of the festival’s best films.

Where is the Best Place to Stay Near the Atlantic International Film Festival 2023?

The Atlantic International Film Festival is held annually in downtown Halifax, and booking nearby accommodation is critical to the festival experience. 

And where better to spend your visit than at a hotel housed within a historic movie theatre that was a staple of the Canadian film industry for over 80 years?

Located only a 10-minute walk from the AIFF venue, Cameo Suites promises an immersive stay in one of the most historic buildings in the city and is the perfect way to celebrate the evolution of local movies and their filmmakers.

Our premier accommodation is especially popular during the film festival season, so be sure to book your room before we are filled up.

Must-See Events in Halifax

Visiting Halifax? Five Events for Your Summer Trip to Nova Scotia

Summers in Halifax are teeming at the rim with fun and exciting things to do. From its top tourist attractions to its vibrant and engaging nightlife, Halifax is best enjoyed with the inviting comforts of its warm season. However, the actual draw to the city that attracts thousands of visitors to its Atlantic shores is the diverse cultural festivals it hosts every July, August, and September.

With dozens of annual events making up the city’s celebratory lineup, choosing which Halifax Festivals are the absolute pinnacle of the city’s offerings can be challenging. But, of course, within its diverse catalogue, there are a handful of weekends that all others pale in comparison to. These are the five must-see Halifax events that will make your summer trip to the city a visit to remember.

  1. TD Halifax Jazz Festival
  2. Nova Multifest
  3. Halifax International Busker Festival
  4. Halifax Seaport Cider & Beer Festival
  5. FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival

TD Halifax Jazz Festival

Halifax Jazz Festival in Halifax

When: July 13-17
Where: Four Stages Spread Throughout the City
Admissions: $189 for Standard Pass to all events

Originally known as the Atlantic Jazz Festival, the TD Halifax Jazz Festival has brought the sweet smooth sounds of the genre to the streets of Halifax since 1987.

Attracting up to 65,000 visitors each year, the festival has been designated a Hallmark Event by the Halifax Regional Municipality and is the oldest jazz event in Nova Scotia.

The festival’s main stage is along the city’s waterfront, where it hosts an engaging lineup of performers over five days. Additional stages can be found throughout the city at St. Matthew’s United Church, The Seahorse Tavern, and The Carleton.

Nova Multifest

When: July 22-24
Where: 2 Ochterloney St, Dartmouth, NS
Admissions: Free Admission

As one of the best events in Halifax, the Nova Multifest is a celebration of the multicultural traditions and diversity of Nova Scotia. A conglomerate community of several international heritages, Halifax is an interwoven society of numerous cultural backgrounds that have worked together to make the province the unique and vibrant place it is today.

Held at Alderney Landing in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, the Nova Multifest celebrates the city’s diverse cultural background through the sharing of music, art, displays, and a massive selection of international cuisines and delicacies unique to each culture.

Halifax International Busker Festival

Busker Festival in Halifax

When: July 22-Aug 1
Where: Halifax & Dartmouth Waterfronts
Admissions: Admission is Free but tipping the performers is encouraged

Of the summer festivals in Halifax in July, the International Busker Festival is perhaps the liveliest and most engaging. Showcasing some of the world’s best street performers, visitors to the event will be treated to exciting and unique displays of acrobatics, music, comedy, fire juggling, and visual arts.

Located along the beautiful downtown waterfronts of Halifax and Dartmouth, the Halifax International Busker Festival offers free admission to the grounds. With that said, busking is a renowned art form, and tipping the street performers is encouraged.

Halifax Seaport Cider & Beer Festival

When: August 4-6
Where: 209 Marginal Rd, Halifax NS
Admissions: $39.53 General Admission Day Pass

Featuring over 300 unique products from over 110 producers across Nova Scotia and other specialty regions in Canada, the Halifax Seaport Cider & Beer Festival is one of the most anticipated events in Nova Scotia in August every year.

Visitors to the festival are invited to explore Nova Scotia’s local breweries with various craft beers, hard ciders, seltzers, and pre-mixed cocktails. Ten drink tickets are complimentary with every day pass, and additional drink tickets are available on the premises.

The Seaport Cider & Beer Festival is a fantastic way to explore the venue’s seaside location while sampling Atlantic Canada’s largest gathering of craft beer, specialty, import, and cider.

FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival

When: September 15-22
Where: 1892 Hollis St, Halifax, NS
Admissions: $10-$25

Hosted every year since 1980, the Atlantic International Film Festival is the largest Canadian Film Festival east of Montreal. Featuring a variety of films over an 8-day run, the film festival is regularly the most discussed event in Halifax in September and attracts many celebrities and officials from across the movie industry.

The event’s selection committee is open to submissions until the beginning of July for those looking to participate in the event. Chosen filmmakers will be notified by August 19, and tickets will go on sale when showtimes have been scheduled.

While these are the top five summer festivals in Halifax that all tourists need to attend, they are also only the tip of the iceberg. With plenty of additional fun and exciting events occurring between July and September, visitors to the city require accommodation that offers accessibility to them all.

Located directly downtown and within walking distance of all the best venues, Cameo Suites invites guests to explore everything the town offers. Check availability before visiting, and book your room in advance.

Best Bars in Halifax's Nightlife

Halifax Nightlife: The 6 Best Spots for Your Night Out on The Town

While the days are spent exploring the many historical attractions of Halifax, the city truly comes alive in the evening with a nightlife that is as vibrant and colourful as its surrounding countryside.

With several bars and venues nestled along Halifax’s picturesque downtown waterfront, the city offers a diverse selection of hotspots that deliver unique experiences.

Whether an energized live music venue, a laid-back microbrewery, or even an engaging sports bar, these are the best spots for your night out exploring Halifax’s nightlife.

Best Live Music Bar in Halifax: The Lower Deck

Hours: 11:30 am-12:30 am
Address: 1887 Upper Water St, Halifax

This three-story venue provides guests with a traditional Halifax pub experience along the city’s iconic waterfront boardwalk. It is far and away one of the best bars in Halifax for catching live music performances.

Open year-round, The Lower Deck features local talent every night of the week. In the summer months, the lively tunes are best enjoyed from the bar’s outdoor patio, where guests are invited to dance and gather in a fun and social setting.

While the patio closes throughout the winter, the bar’s first floor remains open to guests and continues to offer live music to those escaping the cold weather.

Best Sports Bar in Halifax: HFX Sports Bar and Grill

Hours: Wed-Sat 4 pm-1 am; Sundays 1:30 pm-1 am
Address: 1721 Brunswick St, Halifax

Featuring over 90 LED TVs lining the entire venue, HFX Sports bar and Grill is easily the best spot in Halifax for catching the big game.

In fact, the game doesn’t even have to be that big. Operated by an on-site technician, HFX’s television system ensures guests have access to any sporting event at any given time.

And what better way to enjoy all the sporting options than with a nice cold beverage? With over 35 brands on tap and a fully serviced kitchen, HFX delivers one of the best bars downtown Halifax offers.

Best Local Craft Beer in Halifax: Good Robot Brewing Co.

Best Craft Beer in Halifax Nightlife: Good Robot Brewing Co.
Image: Dashboard Living

Hours: Mon-Wed 12pm-10pm; Thurs-Fri 12pm-12am; Sat 10am-12am; Sun 10am-10pm
Address: 2736 Robie St, Halifax

With 11 beers made on site, the Good Robot Brewing Co is one of the best bars in Halifax for exploring the city’s spirited craft beer scene. Among their selection, the brewery’s award-winning Diablo Mexican Lager and their Creature Feature IPA are a must-try for any tourist to the city.

Serving up a selection of finger foods and brunch, the menu at Good Robot is strategically crafted to accentuate their beer offerings and provides an exciting experience for a diverse pallet.

Best Nightclub in Halifax: Pacifico Nightclub

Hours: Wed 6pm-10:30pm; Thurs 7pm-1am; Fri-Sat 6pm-1am
Address: 5171 George St, Halifax

Offering a unique twist among the many clubs in Halifax, the Pacifico is modelled after a traditional saloon of the roaring 20s and features live performances of jazz and funk throughout the week.

While not a traditional nightclub experience, the Pacifico provides plenty of room for guests to get on their feet to dance along with the groovy ambience provided by their nightly performers.

And in keeping with its traditional 1920s setting, the club offers a unique food and drink menu that features fun specialty cocktails and finger foods authentic to the time.

Best Social Bar in Halifax: Economy Shoe Shop Café & Bar

Best Social Bar in Halifax Nightlife: Economy Shoe Shop
Image: Riley Smith

Hours: Sun-Thurs 12pm-12am; Fri-Sat 12pm-3am
Address: 1663 Argyle St, Halifax

Situated in the heart of Halifax’s entertainment industry, the Economy Shoe Shop Café & Bar is one of the most iconic locales in Halifax’s nightlife.

Serving downtown Halifax for over 25 years, “The Shoe” is one of the top social gathering spots in the city, offers live music performances, and is home to Monday Night Jazz, the longest-running live jazz night in Halifax.

Best Outdoor Patio in Halifax: The Waterfront Beer Garden

Hours: Throughout the Summer, 11:30 am- 11:30 pm (Weather Permitted)
Address: 1599 Lower Water St, Halifax

Occupying Halifax’s stunning waterfront, the Beer Garden offers visitors the best spot in the city for enjoying local drinks and cuisine while lounging in the comfortable sea breezes of the city’s summer weather.

Guests to the Beer Garden will enjoy a selection of local bar foods, craft beers, and specialty cocktails while admiring the wading ships as they approach the Halifax Harbour.

When exploring the nightlife in Halifax, booking convenient accommodation is critical. Located directly downtown, Cameo Suites is within walking distance of all the top six nightlife hotspots and more and provides a safe and comfortable spot to rest after your night out on the town.

Plan on visiting Halifax’s nightlife? Check our availability and book your room in advance.

Top Attractions in Halifax: Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk

Things To Do in Halifax: 5 Tourist Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

As the beating heart of Atlantic Canada, Halifax is the quintessential destination for those seeking a taste of everything the Maritimes offer. From world-class nightlife destinations to diverse annual festivals highlighting local culture, cuisine, and traditions, there are many thrilling ways to engage with the city’s community.

However, Halifax’s social and cultural exchange aspects are only half of the city’s draw. Founded in 1749, Halifax is one of the oldest cities in Canada and was known worldwide as a gateway for immigrants to the country. Nearly three centuries later, many of the same landmarks that made Halifax such an iconic destination can still be visited today.

Between its historical landmarks and its cultural hotspots, there is no shortage of things to do in Halifax. The following are only five of the top tourist attractions in Halifax, Nova Scotia, that all visitors to the city need to see.

  1. Halifax Citadel National Historic Site
  2. Halifax Harbourfront
  3. Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
  4. Halifax Public Gardens
  5. The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21

1. Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site is one of the top attractions in Halifax

Address: 5425 Sackville St, Halifax
Admission: $12.50 for general admission. $10.75 for senior discount. Children are free.

Initially discovered by the British Military, the city of Halifax largely owes its establishment to the fortifications on Citadel Hill. Starting as a wooden guardhouse in the earliest years of its settlement, three subsequent forts were built in its place within a century.

Chosen for its convenient spot overlooking the easily defended harbour, the Citadel quickly grew, and so too did the town around it. Constructed in 1856, the star-shaped Citadel known as Fort George was the fourth military post built on the hill, where it remains today, showcased at the city’s heart.

Guests are invited to explore the many artifacts preserved in the museum while enjoying several re-enactments and interpretations provided by the facility’s staff. The Citadel National Historic Site is one of the most prominent Halifax Attractions for revisiting the city’s storied past.

2. Halifax Harbourfront

The Harbourfront is a must-see attraction in Halifax

Address: City’s Eastern Edge
Admission: Free

When travelling to Atlantic Canada, the city’s harbourfront is the place to visit in Halifax. In fact, if you haven’t been to the Halifax Harbourfront, then you really haven’t been to Halifax at all.

This picture-perfect shoreline is the epidemy of the Halifax holiday and is featured on just about every postcard highlighting Canada’s maritime destinations.

The 4-km waterfront features a boardwalk serviced by various bars, restaurants and shopping centres. It even provides access to many other top attractions in Halifax, including Pier 21, featured a little lower on this list.

3. Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Address: 1675 Lower Water St, Halifax
Admission: $9.55 for general admission. $8.50 for seniors. $5.15 for youth ages 6-17. Children five and under are free.

The oldest Maritime Museum in Canada, the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, is another Halifax tourist attraction along the city’s historic waterfront.

Preserving and displaying artifacts from Nova Scotia’s marine history, the museum explores the stories, people, and events that have worked together to shape the city and the province into the cultural centre we know today.

4. Halifax Public Gardens

The Public Gardens are one of the best free attractions in Halifax

Address: Spring Garden Rd. &, Summer St, Halifax
Admission: Free

Founded by the Nova Scotia Horticultural Society in 1836 and recognized as a National Historic Site in 1984, the Halifax Public Gardens are some of the best-preserved examples of a Victorian Garden in all of North America.

As one of the most popular places to visit in Halifax for tourists and locals alike, the 16-acre property features a series of paths that wind their way through the garden as they highlight floral displays, bubbling fountains, and many other beautiful garden accents.

5. The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21

Pier 21 is one fo the most historic attractions in Halifax

Address: 1055 Marginal Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Admission: $15.50 general admission. $12.50 for seniors. $10.25 for youth ages 6-16. Children 5 and under are free.

Serving as the historic gateway for immigrants to Canada for nearly 50 years, over one million people passed through the gates of Pier 21 between 1928 and 1971.

The pier continues to occupy its spot along Halifax’s harbourfront but now functions as a museum preserving the 400 years of Canada’s immigration history.

At the Canadian Museum of Immigration, guests to Pier 21 will explore exhibitions that retell the historic site’s story as they uncover first-person recounts of what it was like to migrate to Nova Scotia during its earliest days of settlement.

With so many things to see and do, visitors to the city will want to book accommodation that offers convenient access to all of the top attractions in Halifax. Cameo Suites does just that.

Located in the heart of the downtown district, guests to the hotel are within walking distance of the city’s harbourfront and all of the wonderful tourist attractions in Halifax.

Check your travel dates for availability on our website and book your rooms in advance.

Sutton Place hotel in Halifax

Hotels in Halifax: What To Look for When Booking

From its iconic landmarks to its vibrant nightlife and seasonal festivals, there are hundreds of reasons why Halifax is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in Atlantic Canada.

Booking practical accommodation is critical for visitors to the city that want to see it all. However, this part of the planning process is often overlooked and neglected by incoming tourists.

Too often, visitors put off booking their stays and end up settling for the highest-rated Halifax hotel on TripAdvisor. But the truth is, there is so much more to consider.

Be it nearby attractions or luxury amenities, these are the four most significant attributes to compare when booking the best Hotels in Halifax.

  1. Check the Location
  2. Compare Price Points
  3. Filter by Amenities Provided
  4. Check the Reviews
The view from the Marriott Harbourfront Hotel in Halifax
Image: Marriott Harbourfront Hotel

Check the Location of the Hotel in Halifax

The first thing visitors should consider before booking any of the hotels Halifax offers is the location of the accommodation in the city.

As one of the oldest cities in Canada, Halifax combines nearly 300 years of history with vibrant nightlife and modern culture in a way that invites visitors with diverse interests. Whether you are a history lover or enjoy the city’s seaside bar scene, Halifax offers experiences that cater to everyone.

To enjoy these many wonders of the city, choosing accommodation within a reasonable distance of all the popular attractions is essential. And there is no better location in the city than that provided by a downtown Halifax hotel. By providing access to attractions and local services, these hotel options offer a more culturally authentic experience for their guests.

A further benefit of staying with a downtown hotel in Halifax is that guests are within walking distance of all the city’s leading event venues. By staying in the center of the action, visitors can enjoy the services and shows of the city’s annual events and festivals without worrying about driving back to their hotels at the end of the night.

Luxury washroom at the Sutton Place Hotel in Halifax
Image: Sutton Place Hotel

Compare the Accommodation’s Price with Other Hotels in Halifax

Of course, one of the most significant factors going to affect a visitor’s choice of hotel in Halifax is the varying price points of each option. Luckily, there are several superb options for travellers of any budget.

Luxury travellers will likely want to book their stay at one of the glamorous 5-star Hotels in Halifax. These selections include the city’s premier accommodation options—The Muir and Sutton Place.

However, while both hotels offer the promise of opulence and splendour, they also come with nightly rates targeted to only the most affluent visitors to the city.

Meanwhile, hotels such as Cameo Suites and Granville Hall are comparatively cheap Hotels in Halifax when comparing rates. Still, their services and location make them competitive alternatives as some of the best accommodations in the city.

Without the unnecessary luxuries offered at the more grandiose hotel options, these budget-friendly accommodations are able to provide guests with an affordable and convenient method for exploring Halifax.

Of course, there are plenty of hotel options with nightly rates spanning these two extremes. Halifax’s top mid-range hotels include the Atlantica, the Hilton Garden Inn, and the Chateau Bedford.

A room at the Hampton Inn by Hilton Hotel in Halifax
Image: Hampton Inn by Hilton

Ensure The Hotel Offers the Amenities You Require

The most crucial thing in booking a Halifax hotel is ensuring the accommodation offers all the amenities and services you will require throughout your stay in the city. Clean rooms, a place to lay your head and rest, and access to a restroom are essential services a hotel provides, but plenty of additional amenities must be considered.

For example, those travelling with their favourite furry companions need to ensure their hotel option is pet-friendly. Similarly, other visitors will want to check for such additions as complimentary breakfast, a pool, and on-site concierge services.

It is essential to determine which services you require throughout your stay and filter your search based on those amenities.

With that said, there are many advantages of forgoing these additional luxury services altogether. At Cameo Suites and a few other Boutique Hotels in Halifax, we focus on providing exceptional cleanliness, comfort, and convenience. At the same time, we minimize your overall expense by eliminating the additional costs of luxury services.

When In Doubt, Check the Reviews

It’s not enough to take the hotel’s word for the quality of their service. As real-life testimonials of people that have stayed in the hotel before, reviews are the surest method to guarantee a hotel is clean, conveniently serviced, and operated by friendly and accommodating management.

Located in a historic building directly in downtown Halifax, Cameo Suites offers comfortable and convenient accommodation for exploring the city’s attractions and nightlife events while maintaining cost-effective rates for travellers on a budget. Check availability before visiting, and book your room in advance.