2024 Atlantic International Film Festival | Event Information & Guide

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As Canada's largest film festival east of Montreal, the Atlantic International Film Festival is one of the most anticipated events in Atlantic Canada and attracts movie lovers and filmmakers from around the world to celebrate local and international talent.

Whether you are looking to submit your own film, partake in one of the event's filmmakers’ panels or Q&As, or catch some of the best international films of the festival season, this is everything you need to know about the 2024 Atlantic International Film Festival.

What is the AIFF?

The Atlantic International Film Festival is an annual eight-day celebration of film that highlights both regional and international talents while providing an outlet for professionals and audiences to explore the art of storytelling through the genres of comedy, action, drama, and documentary.

Held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the AIFF is one of Canada's premier celebrations of film and converts the city into a cultural hub of creativity and art each year. The cultural festival welcomes international visitors and submissions and has become a global haven for film lovers worldwide. 

While an international festival, the AIFF maintains its commitment and strong ties to promoting the Canadian film industry through film selections of local productions, specifically those made within the Atlantic region.

The History of the Atlantic International Film Festival

Formerly known as the FIN Atlantic Film Festival until its return to its original AIFF branding last year, the 2024 season marks the 44th year of the celebrated event, having first started as a small grassroots operation in St. John’s, Newfoundland, in 1981.

​The festival was moved to Halifax the following year, where it has since spent four decades promoting the unique filmmakers and thriving art community of Atlantic Canada, becoming one of Canada’s biggest film festivals in the process.

When is the Atlantic Film Festival 2024?

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The AIFF is traditionally held in Halifax every September. This year's festival runs from September 11th – 18st, 2024. The festival's box office opens about a month before the first weekend.

Check AIFF's official website for the finalized program launch and ticket sales.

What Types of Films Does the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival Feature?

The AIFF screens films of various genres, formats, and themes and offers an immersive escape for all movie lovers. From short films to feature-length movies, the AIFF is Atlantic Canada's curator of unforgettable stories from some of the film industry's biggest players.

The Atlantic International Film Festival invites eligible submissions within three categories. These categories are classified as short or feature films and are divided according to whether the production is by an Atlantic, National (Canadian), or international filmmaker.

While the Atlantic International Film Festival screens films from around the world, it maintains its mission of promoting the local film industry by awarding prizes and special recognition to Atlantic Canadian filmmakers.

Selected by a committee of Atlantic Canada film professionals, the AIFF's long list of coveted accolades includes The Gordon Parson's Award for Best Atlantic Feature, The Michael Weir Award for Best Atlantic Screenwriter, and The Joan Orenstein Award & David Renton Award for Outstanding Performance in Acting.

What Other Special Events Does the AIFF Feature?

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As the champion of local filmmakers, the Atlantic International Film Festival offers several ways for aspiring talents to hone their crafts, including various workshops, filmmaker panels, and Q&As that are announced with the program.

The following are just some other ways the AIFF allows its audience to engage in the festival experience beyond its film screenings.

AIFF Filmmaker Lab

Presented by RBC Emerging Artists, the AIFF Filmmaker Lab is a special program that provides a select group of individuals access to exclusive events throughout the summer. These events include private workshops and a one-on-one meeting with the festival strategist to help create a special festival release for a short film.

The Filmmaker Lab's keystone event is an exclusive networking reception where participants can meet and exchange ideas with industry professionals.

AIFF Online

Designed for those unable to attend the festival in person, AIFF Stream features a fresh collection of streams available to all Atlantic Canadians. With a focus on regional productions, the AIFF celebrates the Atlantic film industry by providing access to some of the festival's best films.

Where is the Best Place to Stay Near the Atlantic International Film Festival 2024?

The Atlantic International Film Festival is held annually in downtown Halifax, and booking nearby accommodation is critical to the festival experience. 

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