7 Best Seafood Restaurants In Halifax, Nova Scotia

Five Fishermen Seafood Restaurant

The Five Fishermen Restaurant is easily the most popular seafood spot in Halifax for tourists. Meanwhile, Evan’s Fresh Seafoods is a local gem and is the best choice if you are looking for authentic local fare and fresh ingredients that combine for a delicious adventure for your taste buds.

Of course, these aren’t the only two local establishments serving up mouthwatering seafood dishes in the city. And if you ask any local, they are bound to give you a unique answer of their personal favourite spots depending on the type of dishes you are looking to sample.

Whether seeking traditional fish and chips, a whole lobster dinner, or a plate of delicious fresh oysters, these are the seven best seafood restaurants in Halifax.

1. Evan’s Fresh Seafoods

Set along the water on the Dartmouth side of the harbour, Evan’s Fresh Seafoods offers some of the most mouthwatering local seafood in Halifax and is well worth the ferry ride over to Alderney Landing.

Owned and operated by a local fisherman family, Evan’s sources its ingredients directly from the harbour, guaranteeing its seafood is the freshest in the city. What’s more is that everything is prepared in the traditional Acadian style, featuring a delicious light batter that highlights the delectable fresh flavours.

While it doesn’t serve the traditional English-style fish and chips you may be used to, Evan’s Fresh Seafoods is a must-visit for an authentic Nova Scotian seafood dinner with a great selection of Acadian-style fish and chips, lobster rolls, chowders, fish tacos, and Jambalayas.

2. Five Fishermen Restaurant

A longstanding staple of Halifax’s seafood scene, The Five Fishermen is a must-visit restaurant along any culinary tour of the city. Found on Argyle St. directly in downtown Halifax, this local seafood restaurant combines delicious food and a historic setting, operating out of a monumental building first constructed in 1817.

However, while the complex has a storied past involving haunted halls and the Titanic’s victims, the restaurant ultimately leaves its food to speak for itself and promises some of the freshest and most delicious food in Halifax. Begin your meal with a wide selection of seafood appetizers. The Atlantic Seafood Chowder and Oysters Rockefeller are heavy local favourites and are always a safe bet.

Meanwhile, for your main course, you can enjoy a delicious lobster dinner, an oven-roasted halibut, or go all in and order the famous Five Fish Experience, which features sheared shrimp, local scallops, a half lobster tail, halibut, and salmon.

Oysters at the best seafood restaurants in Halifax

3. Sea Smoke Restaurant

Boasting a beautiful location within Bishop’s Landing, Sea Smoke Restaurant provides a great setting for enjoying some of the city’s best seafood, along with picturesque views of the Halifax waterfront. While open throughout the year, the best time to visit this seafood restaurant is during the spring or summer, when your meal can be enhanced by the facility’s amazing outdoor patio.

The restaurant’s great seafood options range from mouthwatering plates of fresh oysters, salmon, eel, snow crab, butterfish, and tuna to photogenic sushi rolls and poke bowls.

4. Press Gang Restaurant and Oyster Bar

Another downtown Halifax staple, the Press Gang Restaurant operates out of one of the city’s oldest stone structure buildings that dates back to 1758. Despite its age, the restaurant provides an elegant setting for enjoying the modern complex’s extensive menu of seafood and meat dishes, along with a fully stocked bar serving a variety of scotch, wine, and cocktails.

Among its diverse offerings, the Press Gang Restaurant’s featured service is its raw bar. Along with serving a variety of fresh local oysters caught directly in Nova Scotia, the Press Gang Restaurant also features catches from across New Brunswick and PEI for a full exploration of the delicious oyster flavours of the maritimes.

5. Bar Kismet

Voted as one of the best restaurants in Canada, Bar Kismet is a family-owned restaurant and bar serving a variety of seafood and pasta dishes alongside creative cocktails and a specially curated wine list from its charming location in Halifax’s North End.

This modern restaurant features a contemporary menu that combines the influence of French and Mediterranean cuisines with local Nova Scotian ingredients to produce mouthwatering seasonal dishes you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

The Canteen on Portland

6. The Canteen in Portland

Promising an elevated seafood menu combined with a warm and welcoming neighbourhood diner atmosphere, The Canteen on Portland is one of the most popular seafood restaurants in Halifax amongst both locals and tourists alike.

The Canteen’s fresh oysters, snow crab dip, and mussel and fries are must-try starters that prepare the way for a delectable selection of entrees that include the restaurant’s famous lobster roll, pan-seared haddock, and canteen chowder.

7. Durty Nelly’s

While it shouldn’t be the first stop on your list of authentic Nova Scotia seafood, Durt Nelly’s is the perfect option for those looking for traditional UK-style fish and chips. Promising a rowdy Irish pub atmosphere, this popular watering hole in the heart of downtown Halifax is a great spot to grab a drink and enjoy a fish-and-chip dinner with entertainment and live music. 

Durt Nelly’s fish and chips dinner features thick beer batter Atlantic haddock served with coleslaw and tartar sauce. Meanwhile, those in your party less inclined to the seafood flavours have a great selection of delicious dishes, including the Guinness Irish stew, shepherd’s pie, and roasted ham.

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