How to Book the Best Hotel Rates in Halifax

Family picnic on Citadel Hill

Boasting an iconic waterfront, over two and a half centuries of Maritime history, and some of the most vibrant festivals and events in Nova Scotia, Halifax is one of the best travel destinations in Atlantic Canada and is made even better with a great accommodation deal.

Whether visiting for the food, culture, or unique and vibrant experiences, this is your guide to booking the best hotel rates in Halifax to explore one of Canada’s most iconic destinations for a fraction of the cost.

Factors That Can Affect Hotel Rates in Halifax

To book hotels in Halifax at the best available rates, you must first understand the factors influencing accommodation costs.

1.   Seasonal Travel Periods

The first and most critical factor affecting hotel prices in Halifax is the season of your travel dates. Peak season in Halifax is from May to August, when many families take summer vacations. Thanks to the increased demand, hotel rates are often at their highest during this time.

Conversely, travelling during Halifax’s off-season is a fantastic way to experience the city and is the best time for receiving significant discounts on popular accommodation options.

2.   Event and Festival Weekends

As a cultural hub of Atlantic Canada, Halifax is famous for its world-renowned festivals. And like the city’s peak season, these celebratory events are often accompanied by an influx of tourists, significantly driving Halifax hotel prices to substantial rates.

The summer and fall months feature most of the city’s annual festivals, and these weekends should be avoided if you plan on snagging a Halifax hotel at an affordable rate.

3.   Variety of Onsite Amenities

The most obvious factor affecting hotel prices in Halifax is the availability of onsite amenities. There are many luxury hotels in the city boasting a myriad of luxury services ranging from an indoor pool to extensive spa services or a fitness centre.

Naturally, these extensive facilities are also accompanied by some of the highest nightly rates in Halifax. If you plan to visit Halifax at the best rates, you should instead look for accommodation that emphasizes the basics, focusing on providing top-of-the-line in-room comforts without the bells and whistles of an on-site restaurant or business center.

4.   Location

The final factor affecting hotel rates in Halifax is the location of the accommodation. It is typical for popular hotels near famous attractions to feature higher nightly rates, such as those near Citadel Hill.

Keep reading for some of the better locations for booking a cheap hotel in Halifax.

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Tips to Book Hotels in Halifax at the Best Rates

Now that we know what factors affect hotel prices in Halifax, here are a few tips to help you get your ideal hotel at the best available rate plan.

·      Book in Advance

The first step to booking cheap hotel rates in Halifax is to book your accommodation in advance. By doing so, you can get ahead of the market and lock in your accommodation rate before the tourist crowds drive up the prices.

·      Consider Traveling During the Off-Season

Another great way to get seriously impressive discounts for your stay in Halifax is to visit during the off-season. While the spring can often be a little damp in Nova Scotia, it is also when you can get the best prices for a hotel in the city.

While not quite as cheap, Halifax hotels also often offer discounted rates from November to January, which is typically considered a better time to explore the area.

·      Sign Up for Hotel Newsletters and Loyalty Programs

If you have some flexibility with your vacation time, signing up for a hotel’s newsletters or loyalty program can be a great way to save money on your stay in Halifax. Just be sure to grab the offers when they become available.

·      Book Directly with the Hotel

If you’ve tried the tips above on sites like or Expedia, but still aren’t seeing the prices you want, you can always try the hotel’s direct website. Some hotels charge a higher price for reservations made on third-party website to make up for the commissions that they pay to those websites.

Argyle Street, downtown Halifax

The Best Areas for Cheap Hotel Rates in Halifax

As promised, these are some of the top areas in Halifax for booking the best hotels at great rates.

1.   Downtown Halifax

The perfect place for booking some great hotels for a relatively low rate is in the heart of downtown Halifax. Along with boasting some of the city’s best prices, downtown also gives visitors convenient access to the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site and the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

2.   North End

The city’s North End is another great place to book an affordable hotel in Halifax. While near the downtown attractions, the area north of Halifax Common also boasts budget-friendly hotels and a wide selection of services.

3.   Dartmouth

Located just across from the downtown area, Dartmouth is one of the best places for affordable hotels in the city. However, they are slightly more removed from popular attractions.

Final Thoughts

Whether booking your business trips or a family holiday to Atlantic Canada, the best practices for getting the lowest hotel rates in Halifax are always going to be the same;

  • Book early
  • Avoid peak weekends
  • Monitor deals
  • Choose your location wisely

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