9 Halifax Date Ideas and Things To Do For Couples

Halifax Date Ideas

Boasting a picturesque harbourfront, charming historic buildings, and several scenic parks and natural areas, Halifax can be a romantic destination perfect for a couples getaway. Whether you are planning a special escape for Valentine’s Day or simply want to spend some quality time in the city, you and your partner can share an intimate night out with these nine romantic Halifax Date Ideas.

3 Halifax Date Ideas For A Fun Night Out

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​1. Spend The Evening At A Board Game Cafe

A popular first date spot in Halifax, the Board Room Game Cafe is a great spot for enjoying an entertaining evening getting to know your date while breaking the ice with a friendly competition of all of your familiarly favourite board games. Whether summer or winter, the cafe promises a comfortable location for blending fun and romance while providing good food for your night out.

2. Try Your Luck At One Of Halifax’s Escape Rooms

Another fun date idea for a night out in Halifax is to try your luck with your partner at completing one of the city’s escape rooms. And hey, with two facilities located downtown and 13 unique games between them, you could even make a night of it. You can start the evening with one of the historic Halifax-focused games at Captured Escape Rooms and follow it up with a cinematic experience at Trapped Halifax. By the end of the games, you and your date will have plenty to talk about as you finish the night over drinks or dinner.

3. Download A Halifax Scavenger Hunt App

A fantastic way to combine a romantic night out with a thorough exploration of downtown Halifax is to take your date along on a scavenger hunt of the city. Using nothing but your smartphone, Operation City Quest will feed you and your partner riddles to solve. These riddles will lead you to various points around the city, which you must confirm by sending photos through the app. You earn points for each riddle you solve, which are then listed on the app’s leaderboard, making this the perfect Halifax date idea for those competitive couples.

3 Halifax Date Ideas In Winter

Halifax Date Ideas In Winter

4. Enjoy A Romantic Sleigh Ride At Hatfield Farm

Bringing with it picturesque snowfalls and a whole slew of seasonal activities, winter is a great time to plan a few date nights in the city. And while it may be a short drive from the downtown area, Hatfield Farms’ sleigh rides are one of the most romantic winter date ideas in Halifax. Surrounded by beautiful Nova Scotia countryside, you and your partner need only to sit back and relax as you let the breathtaking surroundings set the mood for your romantic winter evening.

Visiting a local museum or gallery is a great way to combine a fun winter date in Halifax with an exploration of the city’s local culture and history. The best part is that while these attractions may be busy in the summer months, the winter crowds are much more sparse. So grab your partner and head to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia or the historical interactive exhibits of the Maritime Museum Of The Atlantic or Halifax Citadel National Historic Site for an intimate exploration of Halifax’s heritage.

6. Go Skating At The Emera Oval

Ice skating is a classic winter date idea. One of the best places for partaking in this traditional courtship activity is at Halifax’s Emera Oval. Located in Halifax Common Park, Emera Oval is a year-round facility that is frozen into an ice rink during the winter months. However, it can still make for a great date during the warmer months, with rollerblading and biking being popular activities.

3 Halifax Date Ideas In Summer

Halifax Date Ideas In Summer

7. Enjoy A Picnic At The Halifax Public Gardens

Be it spring, summer, or fall, it doesn’t get much more romantic than having a picnic in the park with your loved one. A great place to share a romantic meal is located right in the heart of the city, at the Halifax Public Gardens. Just be sure to stop by the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market to pick up fresh ingredients and local food beforehand.

​8. Take A Stroll Through Point Pleasant Park

Another good place for a picnic or even just a romantic stroll through its natural areas is Point Pleasant Park. Located at the southern end of the Halifax Peninsula, this 75-hectare park promises plenty of walking trails for escaping the crowd for an inmate excursion with your partner.

​9. Have Drinks Along The Halifax Waterfront

Promising scenic views and plenty of great restaurants and bars, the Halifax harbour makes for an obvious date idea in Halifax. However, just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean it’s bad. Whether grabbing a romantic dinner date with some of the city’s most delicious food or just drinks at the Halifax Beer Garden, the waterfront is a must-stop destination along any date night in the city.

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