Self Check-In

Cameo Suites is a self-service facility, offering contactless convenience throughout your stay.


All guests are highly encouraged to check-in online at least 24 hours before arrival. An email with instructions for online check-in will be sent four days before arrival, and two additional reminder emails will be sent in the days to follow.

Checking in online is a simple process of entering your confirmation number, clicking on the “Online Check-in” button, and uploading a picture of your photo ID.

Once you’ve completed your online check-in successfully, a staff member will review your ID and send your suite access code by email. With this information, you can access your accommodations at any time after your official check-in time.

If you arrive at Cameo Suites outside business hours, and without having completed your online check-in, you can complete your check-in using one of the kiosk screens in the lobby. You will need to have your confirmation number and a piece of photo ID on hand to use the self check-in kiosk.


There are two types of electronic locks: the main lobby doors and the suite doors.

For the entrance door in the lobby:

1. Enter your code followed by the checkmark key (Example: 1-2-3-4-✔️).

2. When you hear the buzz, press the handle, and open the door.

The lobby door keypad will flash if the code was not entered correctly.

For your suite door:

1. Enter your code only, (Example: 1-2-3-4).

2. When you hear the chime, press the handle, and open the door.


You will find toilet paper and various cleaning supplies in the bathroom vanity under the sink.


Kitchens are fully equipped with dishes, cups and glasses, cutlery, and cookware. All kitchens contain a microwave, an electrical kettle, toaster, fridge and a full stove/oven.

Please don’t leave any food items in the fridge or storage cupboards when you check-out. Place all unwanted food items in the appropriate trash bin (garbage, recycling or compost).


Common areas of the building (such as elevator and hallways) are cleaned daily. If you discover a housekeeping/cleaning or pest control issue that you wish to report, please call one of the contact numbers below.

Your suite will be clean with fresh sheets and towels provided prior to your arrival. Housekeeping will clean the room once per week thereafter. If you wish to access any cleaning supplies prior to the scheduled weekly cleaning, you can find supplies under the kitchen sink or in the bathroom storage.

To obtain clean sheets or towels at any time, please locate the linen storage closet in your suite, or the common closets located in the laundry rooms on floors 3 and 5. You can deposit your old linen in the laundry hampers and collect fresh flat sheets, fitted sheets, pillowcases, or towels. The shelves are labeled to help you identify your bed sheet size (twin or double).


If you have any issues with your check-in or throughout your stay, you can contact us during business hours by calling (902) 441-9730. To obtain assistance after business hours, please send a text message, or call and leave a voice mail to the same number. A staff person will respond as soon as possible.