Halifax Nightlife: The 6 Best Spots for Your Night Out on The Town

Best Bars in Halifax's Nightlife

While the days are spent exploring the many historical attractions of Halifax, the city truly comes alive in the evening with a nightlife that is as vibrant and colourful as its surrounding countryside.

With several bars and venues nestled along Halifax’s picturesque downtown waterfront, the city offers a diverse selection of hotspots that deliver unique experiences.

Whether an energized live music venue, a laid-back microbrewery, or even an engaging sports bar, these are the best spots for your night out exploring Halifax’s nightlife.

Best Live Music Bar in Halifax: The Lower Deck

Hours: 11:30 am-12:30 am
Address: 1887 Upper Water St, Halifax
Website: https://lowerdeck.ca/

This three-story venue provides guests with a traditional Halifax pub experience along the city’s iconic waterfront boardwalk. It is far and away one of the best bars in Halifax for catching live music performances.

Open year-round, The Lower Deck features local talent every night of the week. In the summer months, the lively tunes are best enjoyed from the bar’s outdoor patio, where guests are invited to dance and gather in a fun and social setting.

While the patio closes throughout the winter, the bar’s first floor remains open to guests and continues to offer live music to those escaping the cold weather.

Best Sports Bar in Halifax: HFX Sports Bar and Grill

Hours: Wed-Sat 4 pm-1 am; Sundays 1:30 pm-1 am
Address: 1721 Brunswick St, Halifax
Website: http://www.hfxsports.com/

Featuring over 90 LED TVs lining the entire venue, HFX Sports bar and Grill is easily the best spot in Halifax for catching the big game.

In fact, the game doesn’t even have to be that big. Operated by an on-site technician, HFX’s television system ensures guests have access to any sporting event at any given time.

And what better way to enjoy all the sporting options than with a nice cold beverage? With over 35 brands on tap and a fully serviced kitchen, HFX delivers one of the best bars downtown Halifax offers.

Best Local Craft Beer in Halifax: Good Robot Brewing Co.

Best Craft Beer in Halifax Nightlife: Good Robot Brewing Co.
Image: Dashboard Living

Hours: Mon-Wed 12pm-10pm; Thurs-Fri 12pm-12am; Sat 10am-12am; Sun 10am-10pm
Address: 2736 Robie St, Halifax
Website: https://goodrobotbrewing.ca/

With 11 beers made on site, the Good Robot Brewing Co is one of the best bars in Halifax for exploring the city’s spirited craft beer scene. Among their selection, the brewery’s award-winning Diablo Mexican Lager and their Creature Feature IPA are a must-try for any tourist to the city.

Serving up a selection of finger foods and brunch, the menu at Good Robot is strategically crafted to accentuate their beer offerings and provides an exciting experience for a diverse pallet.

Best Nightclub in Halifax: Pacifico Nightclub

Hours: Wed 6pm-10:30pm; Thurs 7pm-1am; Fri-Sat 6pm-1am
Address: 5171 George St, Halifax
Website: https://www.pacificohalifax.com/

Offering a unique twist among the many clubs in Halifax, the Pacifico is modelled after a traditional saloon of the roaring 20s and features live performances of jazz and funk throughout the week.

While not a traditional nightclub experience, the Pacifico provides plenty of room for guests to get on their feet to dance along with the groovy ambience provided by their nightly performers.

And in keeping with its traditional 1920s setting, the club offers a unique food and drink menu that features fun specialty cocktails and finger foods authentic to the time.

Best Social Bar in Halifax: Economy Shoe Shop Café & Bar

Best Social Bar in Halifax Nightlife: Economy Shoe Shop
Image: Riley Smith

Hours: Sun-Thurs 12pm-12am; Fri-Sat 12pm-3am
Address: 1663 Argyle St, Halifax
Website: https://economyshoeshop.ca/

Situated in the heart of Halifax’s entertainment industry, the Economy Shoe Shop Café & Bar is one of the most iconic locales in Halifax’s nightlife.

Serving downtown Halifax for over 25 years, “The Shoe” is one of the top social gathering spots in the city, offers live music performances, and is home to Monday Night Jazz, the longest-running live jazz night in Halifax.

Best Outdoor Patio in Halifax: The Waterfront Beer Garden

Hours: Throughout the Summer, 11:30 am- 11:30 pm (Weather Permitted)
Address: 1599 Lower Water St, Halifax
Website: https://thebg.ca/

Occupying Halifax’s stunning waterfront, the Beer Garden offers visitors the best spot in the city for enjoying local drinks and cuisine while lounging in the comfortable sea breezes of the city’s summer weather.

Guests to the Beer Garden will enjoy a selection of local bar foods, craft beers, and specialty cocktails while admiring the wading ships as they approach the Halifax Harbour.

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