7 Best Halifax Tours And Excursions

Best Halifax Tours

Halifax, Nova Scotia, is a city that promises an abundance of adventures, ranging from its historical monuments to its burgeoning culinary scene. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or a foodie, these are the 7 best Halifax tours for exploring all facets of the monumental capital city of Nova Scotia.

1. Historic Tour of Halifax 

Halifax is home to nearly 300 years of historical landmarks, many of which are confined to a relatively small radius of the downtown area. As such, one of the best Halifax tours is exploring these various iconic landmarks and historic properties along a walking, biking, or Segway tour.

Historic tours of Halifax can be completed in a number of ways, with a good starting point being the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21. Starting from the historical landing spot for many Canadian immigrants, tours continue to several other landmarks, including the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, Grand Parade, and the Halifax Public Garden, before ending at the iconic town clock.

While slightly further from the downtown area, no historical tour of Halifax would be complete without visiting the Fairview Lawn Cemetery, where you will find the tombstones marking the final resting place of victims of the Titanic disaster.

2. Peggy’s Cove Tour

Joining a Peggy’s Cove Tour is an absolute must for any tourist visiting Halifax. Luckily, as one of the most popular locations in Nova Scotia, there are several buses and tour groups leaving daily to explore the iconic Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse perched along the picturesque sea-sculpted granite shores of the Atlantic Coast.

Along the way, visitors can stop at several quaint fishing villages boasting a unique maritime culture while being regaled with tales of privateers by their informative guides.

Peggy's Cove Tour

3. Halifax Shore Tour

Halifax is home to the longest oceanfront boardwalk in North America. Spanning 4 km from Pier 21 to the Halifax Seaport, the Halifax Harbourfront features a great variety of attractions, including historic sites, local restaurants, and boutique shops, making touring the boardwalk a great way to experience a little bit of everything that downtown Halifax offers.

Open to walkers and bikers, visitors can explore the area's rich history, enjoy live music and street performers, and admire breathtaking views of the water before ending their tour by learning about maritime history and the Halifax explosion at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. From there, you can either head back along the same boardwalk or continue along the Halifax waterfront to the beautiful Point Pleasant Park.

4. Harbour Hopper Tour

The Harbour Hopper Tour is one of the most unique ways to see the city and promises a complete exploration of both sea and land. From the comforts of an amphibious vehicle, visitors drive through the city’s streets, past iconic landmarks such as Citadel Hill, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Halifax Public Gardens before taking to the waters to explore offshore attractions, including the Georges Island National Historic Site. 

5. Halifax Food Tour

Halifax's culinary scene promises diverse and abundant flavours, making a food tour of the city one of the most mouthwatering experiences you can have. Enjoy a morning breakfast at a bistro or cafe along the waterfront before heading over to the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market to shop for local produce.

For lunch, head over to Dartmouth to sample some of the best seafood in Halifax at Evan's Seafood Restaurant. When finished, you can head back to the Halifax side of the harbour to enjoy a beer at the 200-year-old Alexander Keith's Brewery before completing your gastronomic adventure at one of Halifax's fine dining restaurants.

Alexander Keith's Brewery along the Halifax Food Tour

6. Museums of Halifax Tour

A perfect addition to the Historic Tour of Halifax or even a great standalone tour for a rainy day, the Museums of Halifax Tour explores the city's rich cultural heritage at a series of museums and galleries throughout the downtown area.

Start your tour at the Immigration Museum at Pier 21 and discover the history of those who have arrived along Halifax's shores. Then, head over to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, where you will collect further insight into maritime history while exploring Titanic artifacts and other local exhibits.

Finally, you will end the tour at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, the largest art museum in Atlantic Canada, where you can admire over 19,000 pieces, including works by both local and international artists.

7. Annapolis Valley Road Trip Tour

From beautiful valleys to its breathtaking coastal attractions, exploring Nova Scotia's natural wonders is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And thanks to its location in the centre of the province, Halifax makes for a great base for embarking on a road trip tour of the surrounding area.

Start with the stunning landscape of Annapolis Valley. Then, follow the coast down to the Bay of Fundy along the southern shore. On the way, you will pass through several small towns and fishing villages, rewarding a fantastic day trip tour of the province. 

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