Do you offer lower rates for long term stays?

We don't provide long term stays between May 1 and October 30. During those months, the maximum allowed stay is 29 nights. Long term stays of one to six months may be available at a discounted rate between November 1 and April 30. Please contact the hotel to enquire about availability, rates, and types of suites available for long term stays during the applicable months.

I'm not comfortable with self check-in. Can I check-in at your front desk when I arrive?

The Cameo Suites and Hotel is an automated self-service facility. We have eliminated the traditional front desk experience in favour of convenient pre-arrival online check-in and a self check-in kiosk option on arrival. The cost savings are passed to our guests, making Cameo one of downtown's most affordable accommodations. Still, a staff person is available by phone during business hours to assist with any issues, and by email or text outside business hours for any emergencies.

Where can I park?

Please click here for complete information about where to unload your luggage and where to park.

When will I get back the security amount that was held/preauthorized on my card during check-in?

The amount preauthorized on your card at check-in is a hold, not a charge. Therefore, a "refund" can not be issued by the hotel since it did not charge the card. The card is only charged if damages or additional expenses are incurred during the stay. The hold is automatically released by the guest's bank when the hold period expires. The hotel does not control the hold period and can not release it manually any earlier.

The hold period is determined by the guest's bank/card, and is typically a standardized period for the hotel/accommodations industry. Most holds expire within 5 business days of the checkout date, though some banks/cards may have a different hold period. Once a hold expires, the guest will automatically have access to the preauthorized amount. Depending on the card, a specific transaction noting the expiry of the hold may not appear on the card. Please contact your bank for all inquiries related to the release of the security preauthorization.

Do you allow pets?

No. As a small limited-service facility, we are not equipped or staffed to handle room turnovers that require the full removal of animal-related allergens in between guests. We can recommend other great hotels in the area that allow animals, such as the Hotel Halifax on Barrington street.

I'm a light sleeper and need a quiet room. Are the rooms soundproof?

Cameo Suites is located in the center of downtown Halifax’s dining and entertainment district. Therefore, we are not able to guarantee a very quiet environment where noises from street traffic, adjacent bars, or from other guests are not heard in the room.

We have a 24/7 quiet policy for our guests, where all guests are requested to keep noise confined to within their own suites. As an additional measure, each bedroom at Cameo Suites is equipped with complimentary ear plugs.

Suite numbers that end with 01 and 02 face Barrington Street, a main downtown street, while suites that end with 03, 04 or 05 face Argyle Street and Pizza Corner, which is Halifax's main nightlife district.

Adjacent outdoor patios on the Argyle side of the building are permitted to have outdoor music until 2am in the entertainment district, which can be disruptive to some guests when the patios are in full swing during the summer tourist season, specially on weekends. Outdoor patios are closed on rainy days and when the temperatures drop starting in the Fall and throughout the winter season and most of Spring, reopening around the end of May.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you reserved a suite with a refundable rate option, then you can cancel your reservation at any time without penalty up to three days before arrival. If you have already prepaid for your stay, you will receive a full refund if you cancelled within the free cancellation period.

Cancellations received outside the free cancellation period but before the arrival date will incur the noted cancellation fee of one-night's stay. No-shows (guests who don't arrive on check-in day and don't contact us to cancel) and cancellations received on the day of arrival will incur a two-night's stay fee (for reservations of two nights or longer).

The cancellation fee/penalty is strictly applied in all circumstances and with no exceptions, so we highly recommend that guests be prepared with the appropriate insurance that covers non-refundable hotel fees in cases of unavoidable cancellations.

Should I purchase trip cancellation insurance?

We strongly encourage all guests to purchase trip cancellation/interruption insurance that covers non-refundable hotel fees and cancellation penalties. If you don't already have coverage through your credit card, travel ticket or existing insurance, please check with your bank, travel agent or online travel insurance providers for quotes, as prices can vary widely from (currently ranging from $35 to $150).

What is your policy in regards to damages?

We understand that accidents happen. If damages occur to your suite during your stay, please inform staff as soon as possible.

We require a $300 card preauthorization for damages, security and incidentals at check-in. This amount will be charged for the cost of fixing or replacing the damaged item. If the cost of remediating the damage exceeds the preauthorized amount, we will attempt to recover the difference from the guest's credit card on file. If card charges are unsuccessful, we will contact the guest to request an alternative method of payment.

Upon request, guests can be provided with photos of the damage and quotes for any required labour, materials or equipment necessary to remediate damage(s).

Do you allow parties in your suites?

No. Guests may have temporary visitors, but holding parties (as determined by the hotel) that involve multiple visitors who are not the original guests of the suite is prohibited.

What is your noise or quiet hours policy?

Noise is to be contained to within a guest's suite 24/7. Please be cognizant of noise in the hallways and as you wait for the elevator, specially in the evenings when other guests may be resting or sleeping.

Do you provide hair dryers in the suites?

Yes. A standard hotel-grade hair dryer is mounted on the wall in each bathroom.

Do you provide air conditioning in all the bedrooms?

Yes. All suites are equipped with air conditioning. The ACs in two-bedroom and three-bedroom suites are located in the living room of the apartment (no AC units within each individual bedroom of the multi-room suite). The AC unit in the living room is size-rated to cool the entire apartment space. Fans are provided in each bedroom as well.

Two-story penthouse suites, where the bedroom is on a different level than the living room and can't receive air conditioning from a single AC unit, contain an AC on each level: one for the living room level and one inside the bedroom. This applies specifically to suites 603, 604 and 605.

Please note that due to the location of the building, and the protected heritage value of the brick facade, some suites facing Barrington street can only be equipped with portable ACs to prevent alterations to the facade. These suites are buttressed by non-exterior walls on all sides except the heritage facade, and therefore it is not possible to create ventilation outlets into any of the walls. Portable ACs are vented through the windows within those suites. These portable ACs are located in four of our 21 suites.

Do you have wheelchair access?

Due to the location and heritage status of the building, a wheelchair ramp that meets current building codes could not be installed. Instead, a wheelchair lift is available to reach the above-street entrance of the hotel (approximately three feet of elevation). Please contact us in advance if you require use of the lift key, which is located in a lock box near the lift operating panel at ground level.

Please note that only one studio suite in the building is specifically designed for wheelchair access: suite 204. An elevator is available in the building to reach the second floor. There are no accommodation suites on the main/ground level of the building.